Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

I bought a new dress this week and it matches perfectly with my cheetah flats and gold bracelets and I was just loving the combo.

Here are some other things I was loving this week:
My siblings are coming to visit!!! Not until June but the tickets are booked and I can't wait!
Our landlord has these amazing chewy fruity candies one of my roommates found them. At the bulk store. Life is good.
Skype has been my go-to communication line this week a chat with my sister and brother home on Spring break and another one with my cousin in Atlanta. Technology, gotta love it.
My family sent me an Easter package that was such a lovely surprise! It was complete with more candy, some plastic eggs, and fake grass which I promptly used to decorate our mantle.

Not so much love for:
The fact that my car is so dirty that when I used my hip to close my door, I got my pants dirty. Fine, I'll go to the car wash.
I thought I was being a savvy airplane ticket purchaser and waited to buy a ticket to San Francisco and the price went up almost $50. When will I learn?
I am flying solo at the office today as the only team member in attendance. It's so quiet. And I'm lonely. There is no one to go get afternoon hot chocolate with me. What kind of day is that?!

Despite being by myself at the office today, I am really looking forward to having the weekend to myself. I haven't had much "me" time since moving here and while I have loved it and continue to have so much fun with my roommates, I have always been one to enjoy a bit of alone time. That's why I have plans to take about 5 books with me to the beach, get some reading done, hit up a cute cafe or two for lunches, and enjoy a change of pace while everyone is gone this Easter weekend.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Shirt: Gap, Shirt: Macy's Shoes: Naturalizer
Don't know about you guys, but I thought my joke was pretty good. Easter is only a few days away hence bunny and I have a giant bun on my head? Sometimes I just crack myself up. Seriously though, I am loving this whole fluffy bun thing. I realize that this trend has been going on for awhile now and I actually was trying to be "in" way back around Christmas and the holiday season by using an actual sock I had cut and rolled but my attempts were futile. My wimpy thin hair was not cooperative and it seemed that you could always see the sock and/or it never felt very secure. Do you know what I mean? Anyways, I resolved myself into believing that the fabulous bun look was not meant to be. Turns out, all I needed was to stop being cheap and spend the measly $4 at Target to get the official brown sponge-looking bun-doer-upper and bam! Trendy. Sleek. I'm in baby!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweater Weather

Sweater: F21, Jeans: H&M, Necklace: My own creation
See that super fly ring? It broke before I was even out the door. How unfair is that? Of course I will do my best to re-adhere it with some super glue and my other MacGyver-like tactics but I am just not certain I can trust such methods. Perhaps it is just what happens after a few years of wear but I hope I can salvage this baby because it really is a gem. Speaking of gems, this sweater was $11 and it's great. I am contemplating buying one in every color available. In the evenings lately it has been prefect weather to throw on a sweater and walk to the store to pick up some groceries. I tried out Sprouts for the first time and turns out they have a bulk aisle, you know, with those little silver scoops that allow you to weigh your trailmixes and chocolate covered pretzels and other magical treats? I love those bulk bins! Of course I couldn't resist trying something and I am loving the spicy cajun mix I went home with. Being able to walk to the grocery store in my comfy sweater to stock up on snacks I didn't even know I needed makes me one happy girl.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eat Your Brussels Sprouts!

Because of my new-found love for brussels sprouts, I thought I would share a favorite recipe to make them courtesy of Pinterest, with my own little spin.

I bought about a pound of these little baby cabbages and I cut off the trunks, chopped them in half, and added them to a hot skillet with olive oil. They take a bit of time, maybe 7 minutes on each side but it is hard to saute them on the round side so I added a little water and covered with a lid to steam them and make sure they got soft. I chopped up 4 cloves of garlic (you can add less if you are not as in love with the stuff as me) and added that to the pan when I flipped the sprouts half way through. Lastly, I squeezed half of a fresh lemon to add flavor to the party and it was just about complete. When I speared one with a fork and I could tell they were tender, I took them off the heat, put them in a bowl, added some parmesan reggiano that happened to the be in the fridge, and then, dug in! How pretty is that green color! And, super healthy and filling, win win.

Manicure Monday

I can't help but feel a little like a jerk today because I am wearing open toed sandals whilst my hometown, and most of the Midwest, is shoveling out of an end of March snow storm. Sorry guys. But like my water bottle says, Enjoy Life! And more importantly, the option for an impromptu snowball fight.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Walking on Sunshine

Pretty cool window display huh? I mean look how many shoes are in there! 72 pairs of Converse or 144 singular sneakers. Yes, I did just do the math and no, I don't even mind because it's the weekend! I only really have silly errands planned like going to the post office and getting my bike fixed which I have intended to do for about a month now but somehow haven't, and then wait for the cable man to come because the TV has bested me yet again. I could use a little R&R so I am fine with having a lazy weekend reading some books and taking walks in the neighborhood. I hope you too can take advantage of this first official weekend of Spring!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Long Beach Adventure

This past weekend, two of my roommates and I took the 30 minute trip north to visit Long Beach, a town I had yet to experience. What an adorable little place! There are two main streets, 4th and 2nd, that we had to check out. 4th street was were we spent our day, popping into the thrift stores that line both sides of the street. I was in heaven! I scored a sweet cigar box, a mail holder, and a homemade cheeseburger ornament, because, well, why not? Our very last stop on the street was a total gold mine where I walked away with a new side table, an amazing window-with the glass!- and a tall plant stand we are now using as a catch all for our keys next to the front door. After lugging these purchases to the car 9 blocks away, it was time for dinner and drinks which meant a quick drive along the water to get to 2nd street. We sat in a busy rustic-themed restaurant with long tables, strands of exposed lightbulbs, and friendly service, ordered an apple-filled, ice cream-topped doughnut for dessert and heading back down the 405 in a blissful state. Long Beach, you are a gem!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


The sun can't seem to decide whether or not it would like to come out this week. Or when it does, it is in the middle of my work day and then it goes behind the clouds just in time for me to walk out of work. Perfect. So sorry for the poor lighitng but that is all Mother Nature is allowing lately.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Golden Era

You know how there are some things your mom tells you that you think, "oh yea, like THAT will ever happen," "maybe for you but not me" kind of things? Then all of a sudden, that "thing" actually does come to pass and you think to yourself "How the heck did she know that?" Well, that is going on right now. You see, I remember a time a few years ago when my cousins and aunts and I were sitting around a kitchen table, a place where we have our best talks, and us youngbloods were trying on the aunts' wedding rings and it was interesting that they all seemed to be gold in color. The cousins and myself were of the notion that only a white gold or silver would be the way to go, not gold, certainly not gold. And we passed the rings 'round the table, each trying them on our empty ring finger, when my mother said something about how the trend was to have a gold ring and how she loves hers and would never have changed it, which was something that seemed to be true for each woman sitting around that table.

I forgot about that memory until I realized how swayed to gold I have become. I used to  be a strictly silver gal when it came to jewelry, hardly a speck of gold to be found in my collection and now, suddenly, I have shifted to favoring the color gold. Something about it makes me feel dressier, a touch more put together, a timeless look really. Maybe it required me getting a little older to appreciate the gold but sometimes moms are right like that, it seems to have changed with the times.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Manicure Monday

Monday, Monday, we meet again. It doesn't seem fair to have such a fun holiday like St. Patrick's Day on a Sunday because it just makes waking up and heading to the office the next day that much more difficult. My roommates and I hosted a breakfast at our place yesterday and we had green pancakes and green eggs with bacon and fresh fruit and, of course, some coffee with Irish creme and peach mimosas. We spent most of the day at the Irish bar around the corner from our apartment where we listened to the live Irish band, kilts included. I have kept the party going today every time I look down and see my green nails with a touch of sparkle.

Friday, March 15, 2013

In the Morning Light

Friday seems to have taken its sweet ol' time in getting here this week. Must be because it is a holiday weekend. Before St. Patrick's Day arrives, I have plans to visit Long Beach where I have been told there are some killer thrifting spots. If I came home with a new nightstand, I would be quite a happy girl. For Sunday, we plan to have a more girly version of Kegs and Eggs, namely, green pancakes and mimosas with lime sherbet (did you know it's not sherbert, with a second "r"? I have been wrong my whole life, amazing!) before heading off on our bikes to listen to a live band at an Irish pub. With all this excitement on the horizon, no wonder this week took forever! Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope you have great weather and are spending it with great people. Happy St. Paddy's!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretending I'm a Local

At the Chinese Theater

Who doesn't love Ron Howard? Richie Cunningham himself plus the narrator of Arrested Development.

Hollywood, Hollywood
I spy the Hollywood sign!
Downtown LA
Santa Monica Pier
Refueling with a kettle corn/caramel corn mix. Like I could possibly say no to that combo, be serious.
This past weekend, I had my first visitors in town all the way from my old office in Cincinnati (they were here on a work trip and managed to stay an extra two days, yay!) and I was determined to fit in as much SoCal as possible for my guests. Hollywood was of course a stop on a list with the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theater first on the agenda, since we spotted the Hollywood sign on the drive into the city. We put our hands in some of the celebrity prints, snapped some pictures of our favorite names, and watched a few street performances. Then it was off to the Santa Monica Pier, one of my favorites since it was out my hotel window on my very first visit to California. We got popcorn and cotton candy, watched the waves, listened to some live music and just soaked in the scenery. We did a bit of shopping at the 3rd Street Promenade, had a dinner made up entirely of appetizers, a favorite way to dine, and walked back along the pier to see all the lights at night. We jammed out in the car and talked about our favorite sights of the day on the way home. Since we were so beat from walking around all day and they had a flight to catch, we rented a movie and bought junk food and had a good old fashion sleepover.

I sent them off after having breakfast at the beach and taking a stroll along the boardwalk trying to decide which beach house we would buy. It was so much fun to have people to show my new life to and give them a peak into my everyday. Plus it gave me an excuse to check out all the touristy places so now I think I am ready for my next batch of visitors....I am looking at you Holly Weber.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Three Cheers for Clean Clothes

Sweater: F21, Skirt: PacSun
We now have a washer and dryer at our apartment! Hip, hip, hooray! My laundry pile was getting a little embarassing so this is great news for my wardrobe. This is also coming at a great time because we have decided to host a little "Wine Wednesday" at our apartment tonight with some pasta, friends, and glasses (ok, maybe bottles) of wine. What more could I ask for to help get me through the last couple days of the work week!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tennis Racket Upcycle

I have a lot of jewelry and I can never seem to display it so I remember what I all have to choose from when getting ready. I used to be able to just leave my necklaces laying out on my vanity but alas, with the move, the vanity is no more. I have limited space and even more limited surface areas so this racket-turned-jewelry display was the answer to my troubles.  

Here is what you need:
An old tennis racket, bad mitten racket, whatever-sport-racket (check your local thrift store)
A set of small screw-in hooks (craft store or home improvement store)
A hammer and nail
Spray paint in your choice of color
Cardboard or newspaper to protect your workspace

With all of your supplies on hand, you just have 4 steps left:
To make putting in the hooks a snap, hammer in the nail, pull it back out, and use the small hole to guide the hook. (lefty loosy, righty tighty)

Screw the hooks into the handle of the racket, evenly spaced apart. (if you want your hooks to stay their original color, do this step last)

Spray paint the racket, let dry, and add additional coats as necessary. (Don't forget the end of the handle!)

Let dry and hang on the wall! I used a leftover hook to hang the racket on the string side and then a long nail on the other end, giving the handle a place to rest. Add necklaces or bracelets to the hooks and earrings to the strings and all of a sudden, you have a statement piece for your statement pieces.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Manicure Monday

Sally Hansen "Green with Envy"
I started my St. Patrick's Day celebration early, so sue me. I am loving this amazing Spring color and with daylight savings time taking effect today and the sun still being out past 6:00 pm, I dare say that this pastel green is basically required.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Things from the Week

{Busting out a skirt for casual friday}

{My adorable new iPad case for my birthday from the fam}

{Even when it rains here it's still sunny}

{Crudite AKA fancy veggies and dip}

{What I woke up to on my birthday last weekend}
I have my very first visitors in town this weekend, how exciting! I think we are going to do a tour of LA and Hollywood tomorrow which will be my first real adventure in the area, making a whole day of it. I have plans to take them to Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles for some soul food, check out Bev Hills, and take a stroll down Venice Beach. It is going to be a little chilly this weekend but we shall press on and make the most of this very SoCal weekend.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Where Birthday Dreams Come True (Part 2)

Had to be Minnie for a second

Our first glimpse of Mickey and Minnie during one of the parades.

The ride that inspired one of my favorite movies.

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Caught a bit of the evening parade as well with the castle in the background

Riding the coaster with a couple of crazies

The girls helping me celebrate

Oh Mickey, you're so fine!

Hook's pirate ship during Fantasmic! The ship went right past us and even had the crocodile following behind. Peter Pan and Captain Hook were swinging around the masts and fighting on board. One of my favorite parts! 
Just modeling some Goofy hats (get it?)
Trust me: the pictures are not even doing justice to the magic of this place. I especially enjoyed when it got dark because with all the lights on, it was like being a new place. There were also some really neat light shows in both Disneyland and California Adventure. We managed to make it to both and I was blown away twice.
But I am getting ahead of myself because we enjoyed the day just as well as the night. We spent most of our day in Disneyland and managed to ride most of the well known rides like Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, and Space Mountain. Waiting in line made for some great people watching too.

We had to see the new Cars Land over in California Adventure and it felt like we had walked right into the movie so it was a great stop. We also rode the Screaming California roller coaster and played the Toy Story arcade game. We raced over to see the World of Color light show which was just amazing and yes, I did sing along to most of the songs. I just couldn't help myself!

We had to hop back over to Disneyland to catch Fantasmic! the other light show. We were determined to get better seats for this one and managed to score a front row spot which I would highly recommend. The show was really neat and incorporated the characters which was great. There was music, lights, action, fire, sparks, the whole sha-bang.

By the time the show ended, it was nearly 11:30 and we were totally wiped out as we made our way back to the car. What a memorable birthday!