Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretending I'm a Local

At the Chinese Theater

Who doesn't love Ron Howard? Richie Cunningham himself plus the narrator of Arrested Development.

Hollywood, Hollywood
I spy the Hollywood sign!
Downtown LA
Santa Monica Pier
Refueling with a kettle corn/caramel corn mix. Like I could possibly say no to that combo, be serious.
This past weekend, I had my first visitors in town all the way from my old office in Cincinnati (they were here on a work trip and managed to stay an extra two days, yay!) and I was determined to fit in as much SoCal as possible for my guests. Hollywood was of course a stop on a list with the Walk of Fame and Chinese Theater first on the agenda, since we spotted the Hollywood sign on the drive into the city. We put our hands in some of the celebrity prints, snapped some pictures of our favorite names, and watched a few street performances. Then it was off to the Santa Monica Pier, one of my favorites since it was out my hotel window on my very first visit to California. We got popcorn and cotton candy, watched the waves, listened to some live music and just soaked in the scenery. We did a bit of shopping at the 3rd Street Promenade, had a dinner made up entirely of appetizers, a favorite way to dine, and walked back along the pier to see all the lights at night. We jammed out in the car and talked about our favorite sights of the day on the way home. Since we were so beat from walking around all day and they had a flight to catch, we rented a movie and bought junk food and had a good old fashion sleepover.

I sent them off after having breakfast at the beach and taking a stroll along the boardwalk trying to decide which beach house we would buy. It was so much fun to have people to show my new life to and give them a peak into my everyday. Plus it gave me an excuse to check out all the touristy places so now I think I am ready for my next batch of visitors....I am looking at you Holly Weber.

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