Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

I bought a new dress this week and it matches perfectly with my cheetah flats and gold bracelets and I was just loving the combo.

Here are some other things I was loving this week:
My siblings are coming to visit!!! Not until June but the tickets are booked and I can't wait!
Our landlord has these amazing chewy fruity candies one of my roommates found them. At the bulk store. Life is good.
Skype has been my go-to communication line this week a chat with my sister and brother home on Spring break and another one with my cousin in Atlanta. Technology, gotta love it.
My family sent me an Easter package that was such a lovely surprise! It was complete with more candy, some plastic eggs, and fake grass which I promptly used to decorate our mantle.

Not so much love for:
The fact that my car is so dirty that when I used my hip to close my door, I got my pants dirty. Fine, I'll go to the car wash.
I thought I was being a savvy airplane ticket purchaser and waited to buy a ticket to San Francisco and the price went up almost $50. When will I learn?
I am flying solo at the office today as the only team member in attendance. It's so quiet. And I'm lonely. There is no one to go get afternoon hot chocolate with me. What kind of day is that?!

Despite being by myself at the office today, I am really looking forward to having the weekend to myself. I haven't had much "me" time since moving here and while I have loved it and continue to have so much fun with my roommates, I have always been one to enjoy a bit of alone time. That's why I have plans to take about 5 books with me to the beach, get some reading done, hit up a cute cafe or two for lunches, and enjoy a change of pace while everyone is gone this Easter weekend.  

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