Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Golden Era

You know how there are some things your mom tells you that you think, "oh yea, like THAT will ever happen," "maybe for you but not me" kind of things? Then all of a sudden, that "thing" actually does come to pass and you think to yourself "How the heck did she know that?" Well, that is going on right now. You see, I remember a time a few years ago when my cousins and aunts and I were sitting around a kitchen table, a place where we have our best talks, and us youngbloods were trying on the aunts' wedding rings and it was interesting that they all seemed to be gold in color. The cousins and myself were of the notion that only a white gold or silver would be the way to go, not gold, certainly not gold. And we passed the rings 'round the table, each trying them on our empty ring finger, when my mother said something about how the trend was to have a gold ring and how she loves hers and would never have changed it, which was something that seemed to be true for each woman sitting around that table.

I forgot about that memory until I realized how swayed to gold I have become. I used to  be a strictly silver gal when it came to jewelry, hardly a speck of gold to be found in my collection and now, suddenly, I have shifted to favoring the color gold. Something about it makes me feel dressier, a touch more put together, a timeless look really. Maybe it required me getting a little older to appreciate the gold but sometimes moms are right like that, it seems to have changed with the times.

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