Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tennis Racket Upcycle

I have a lot of jewelry and I can never seem to display it so I remember what I all have to choose from when getting ready. I used to be able to just leave my necklaces laying out on my vanity but alas, with the move, the vanity is no more. I have limited space and even more limited surface areas so this racket-turned-jewelry display was the answer to my troubles.  

Here is what you need:
An old tennis racket, bad mitten racket, whatever-sport-racket (check your local thrift store)
A set of small screw-in hooks (craft store or home improvement store)
A hammer and nail
Spray paint in your choice of color
Cardboard or newspaper to protect your workspace

With all of your supplies on hand, you just have 4 steps left:
To make putting in the hooks a snap, hammer in the nail, pull it back out, and use the small hole to guide the hook. (lefty loosy, righty tighty)

Screw the hooks into the handle of the racket, evenly spaced apart. (if you want your hooks to stay their original color, do this step last)

Spray paint the racket, let dry, and add additional coats as necessary. (Don't forget the end of the handle!)

Let dry and hang on the wall! I used a leftover hook to hang the racket on the string side and then a long nail on the other end, giving the handle a place to rest. Add necklaces or bracelets to the hooks and earrings to the strings and all of a sudden, you have a statement piece for your statement pieces.

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