Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Long Beach Adventure

This past weekend, two of my roommates and I took the 30 minute trip north to visit Long Beach, a town I had yet to experience. What an adorable little place! There are two main streets, 4th and 2nd, that we had to check out. 4th street was were we spent our day, popping into the thrift stores that line both sides of the street. I was in heaven! I scored a sweet cigar box, a mail holder, and a homemade cheeseburger ornament, because, well, why not? Our very last stop on the street was a total gold mine where I walked away with a new side table, an amazing window-with the glass!- and a tall plant stand we are now using as a catch all for our keys next to the front door. After lugging these purchases to the car 9 blocks away, it was time for dinner and drinks which meant a quick drive along the water to get to 2nd street. We sat in a busy rustic-themed restaurant with long tables, strands of exposed lightbulbs, and friendly service, ordered an apple-filled, ice cream-topped doughnut for dessert and heading back down the 405 in a blissful state. Long Beach, you are a gem!

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