Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Power Suit

Blazer: Target, Shirt: Gap, Necklace: PacSun
I was eyeing this necklace about a month ago when I was at the outlet mall with my sister and since I had already done some hefty damage to my credit card and I spotted this towards the end of my trip, I somehow resisted the urge to make the purchase. Only to drive home completely filled with non-buyers remorse. Why did I not buy this necklace? As I looked at my closet when I returned home, suddenly every piece would have been perfectly accented with the necklace I hadn't bought. Blast! Why did I decide to be money savvy all of a sudden? What was the harm in one more swipe of the plastic? But not to worry because as you can see, nothing could stand between me and that fabulous piece of jewelry. And when paired with my black blazer and cheetah heels, just try and stop me!

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