Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Playlist Picks

There are few things I love more than a good themed party and with the holidays upon us, one of my favorite themes is here: the ugly Christmas sweater party! I will be hosting mine this Saturday and though I have my tastefully tacky outfit ready to go, the last piece of the puzzle is the holiday playlist. Growing up, there were select CDs guaranteed to be playing in our house and while of course those tunes have remained favorites, I have picked up a few more to add to the rotation. As I complete my playlist, I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite songs of the season. 

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing-A Charlie Brown Christmas: I almost tear up just thinking about this song. Really, the whole album. A must-watch TV special for me each year. 

Santa Baby-Eartha Kitt: What a classic! A 1950's beauty.  

What Christmas Means to Me-Hanson: If you thought all these boys sang was mmmbop, you have been missing out big time. 

All I Want for Christmas is You-Mariah Carey: Say what you will, I love this song. Holiday must. 

Run, Run Rudolph-Chuck Berry: Another gem from the 50's. It's upbeat and instantly makes me think of Home Alone. Check, check and check. 

Jingle Bell Rock-Neil Diamond: His Christmas album was one of the ones from my childhood. Love that smooth voice!

Merry Christmas Baby-Brighten: Discovered a few years ago by my sister and I, this is a favorite of the favorites and a song I listen to all through the year. 

Little Saint Nick-The Beach Boys: Always a treat to hear these west coasters plus they remind me of my dad. 

Ave Maria-Celine Dion: At the Weber household, we like to try and hit the high notes. Loudly. And emphasis on the word try. 

Ho Ho Hopefully-The Maine: Acoustic, an original, and quite lovely. 

So that's my list, with some songs you would probably expect but hopefully a few unexpected surprises and new songs for you to enjoy. I still have a couple days left to finalize my playlist so tell me, what are your favorite Christmas tunes? 

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