Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

TGIF folks! T-G-I-F! Aside from blowing bubbles with some delicious mango gum, here are some other things I have been loving this week:

Getting back to regularly emailing my cousin. Gives me my daily dose of hilarity.

Eating strawberries and nutella. Is there a better combination? Try it, you'll love it.

Babysitting a 5 year old boy and reading Disney stories with him. It's the little things people!

Free bottle of wine on my desk when I walked in this morning---hellllooooo Friday!

Having NOTHING to do this weekend and being so pumped about this rare occasion.

Things I have not been loving:

The regret I am feeling from not buying a make up bag (something that may be remedied this weekend)

Losing an earring at the gym. Then combing the floor near my machine in pursuit of said earring. Nada.

And if that gym story is not enough, also getting a blister on the same day.

Forgetting to turn up the volume on my alarm and waking up late. 20 minutes late. The bed head look is coming back right?

Lack of sleep just as an overall theme as of late.

Cheers to the weekend! And all the nothingness it has in store for me!

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