Thursday, August 9, 2012

Construction Zone

Shirt: PacSun Shorts: Macys Shoes: Thrifted

So there is this construction happening on my street this summer and let me just say, I am over it. I've got this lovely curve in the road right in front of my house which already makes it a hassle in the mornings with cars parked on both sides and then moving cars coming from both directions. You basically take your life into your own hands when pulling into the driving lane or you wait until traffic is backed up due to the light turning red in the square. That makes it awkward too, though, because then you put on your biggest innocent smile to the grumpy driver across the way and send them telepathic signals saying let me in! Let me in! Sometimes they are lovely people who let you sneak your little car into the line. Sometimes they are less than rad and pretend they don't receive your telepathic messages which results in you inching out anyway and feigning an oh, pardon me apologetic wave...we all know no one is sorry. But now, throw some serious equipment into the, mix like that yellow guy right there? Let's just say it's extra peachy at 7:45 am. 

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