Monday, August 13, 2012

Manicure Monday

Another week is here and man has this one already been a whirlwind! I was supposed to have been in Chicago by now for a work conference but at the last minute, I was asked to be a part of a meeting tomorrow. Everyone is making a major deal out of this presentation but it seems that no one can figure out why it is so important. Lovely. But it gives me a chance to work on my presenting skills which is great and it seems fairly high profile so I am just happy to be a part of it...If only it were scheduled for the end of the week when I would have been in the office anyways. Oh well.

But for this big, important meeting, I will apparently be rocking some fierce nails. With all my lovely downtime this weekend, I decided to bust out my nail stamp kit and do something fun. I was suckered into buying the above kit at one of those mall kiosks where it is basically a real life know the ones. So this woman paints my nail and rolls this stamper over a metal plate with some polish on it, presses it on my nail and boom! Zebra stripes appear. It took all of 5 seconds to do and at that point, I was hoooked. So easy, so simple, so fun! And just like that, I forked over my $24.95 and let me tell you, this baby has paid for itself many times over. It gives you a manicure look without having to shell out the big bucks and go to the salon. Sign me up! You even get multiple patterns on one set so you can change your look whenever you want. Plus, you can use it on your toenails too so its a mani, its a pedi, it does it all! If you would like to have one of these kits for your very own, check out their website here. I have the image plate M57 but it all came together in the starter kit. The color combonations are endless and so fun to experiment with and the compliments abound when my nails have a unique pattern on them and let's be honest, on a Monday, who couldn't use a few more of those?

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