Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pretending to Own a Polaroid

Items needed: Large frame, hammer, 2 small nails, wire/string/twine/rope/whatever, polaroid frames, your favorite pictures, movie or concert tickets, love notes, letters, etc, and small clothespins. 

I decided to put my crafting pants on today after work. I had been wanting to hang these up FOREVER and I told myself this was the week and bam! They are now hanging. I found these polaroid frames in the scrapboking section at Michael's, printed off some pictures, cut them to size and taped them to the frames with regular old scotch tape. I also grabbed some mini clothespins while I was there as a means of hanging up the pics. 

I utilized the DIY yellow frame I have had since my first place, nailing two small nails slightly higher than the middle back of the frame. I then wound my metal wire around the nail on one side, then the other for a slightly loose hang. I placed the frame back above my bed and hung my pictures. Easy peasy. And now my wall has a fresh look for minimal work and minimal dollars. Plus I can swap out the pictures whenever I want, a great solution for a gal who gets bored with her layout so easily. 

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