Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Tale of No Whales

My Crew Mates AKA Siblings

One of the fun, outside the box activities I planned for my visiting brothers and sister was a whale watching tour. Head out on a boat on the ocean, see some sweet marine life, enjoy some sun shine but guess what? Literally none of those things happened. We could see land the whole time, we all got a little sea sick, there was no sun at all and well, the sweet marine life kind of happened because we saw sea lions and some dolphins which were cool but no whales and I was promised whales. I did take the opportunity to wear my knit hat so not a total loss. Plus I was with the fam and not behind my computer for the afternoon, so really, I should not be complaining but I wanted to be able to share my first whale sighting while my sibs were here but hey, there is always next visit!

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