Thursday, May 23, 2013

Summer Fun on a Budget

Memorial Day Weekend is the kick off to summer, that great weather time of year that makes everyone want to get out there and do, do do! But I have been wanting to save some money without missing out on all kinds of fun. Instead of sitting inside, telling myself I can't leave the house for fear of blowing my budget, behold! A whole list of options to keep me entertained and on point with my dollars and cents.

1. Spend the afternoon reading magazines at the library. Added bonus: You can rent books, movies, and TV series’ for free!
2.  Head to your local park and play a pickup game of basketball, volleyball, even frisbee and make new friends in the process.
3.  Head to the dollar movies! Look up a theater in your area and get ready to watch recently released on DVD movies on the big screen for the price of a Redbox.
4.  Want some peace and quiet? Go fishing! Pack a cooler, sit by the water all day, and catch some rays at the same time.
5.  Check out an open mic night. Comedy shows, poetry readings, live music, and usually a cute place that hosts, all for free.
6. Make dinner with friends...with a twist! Each person brings an ingredient and together you whip something up incorporating all the items.
Need some more inspiration? Pack a picnic and go to the park for an afternoon, try hiking or rollerblading, ride bikes and pratice peddling with no hands, visit Sam's Club for Sample Saturdays, concoct a new signiture cocktail using whatever juices and liquors you have on hand, or host a good old fashion camp out, bonfire and tents included! 

You can still have loads of fun while on a budget so get out there and enjoy the summer months without breaking the bank!

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