Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hotlanta, The ATL, or Simply Atlanta

Visiting the World of Coca Cola

The vault that houses the secret formula

 Behold: the secret formula!

Old timey Coca Cola car

Highlight of the visit: sampling Coca Cola products from around the world. These are from Africa and they were my favorites.

European options. The Beverly was terrible.

Going in for the classics

My lovely cousin and Atlanta host.

Grabbing a freshly bottled Coke

Major nerd moment: Since Coke if such a huge sponsor of the Olympic games, they have many torches on display. This one is from the most recent London games.

Speaking of the Olympics, had to visit Olympic Park, created for the 1996 games hosted by Atlanta.

Statue with the father of the modern Olympics. Don't mind my hair making me look like I have antennas.

Called "the Quilt of Nations." Basically a canopy of flags from countries around the world.

An Atlanta landmark, The Varsity is a huge drive thru with classics like simple hamburgers and awesome onion rings. They also have the Varsity orange drink. Delish.

Margaret Mitchell's house, author of Gone With the Wind.

Fox Theatre aka the Fabulous Fox
I did not realize how much I could like the south. Atlanta was a lovely city. It may have to do with my tour guide being my cousin Laura and getting so much one on one time with her but we had a ton of fun exploring the city and hearing all the southern accents. I got to do a lot of Olympic themed things which was a real treat. Seeing some of the soot left on the Olympic torches was too cool. I mean those were actually used! I was geeking out about it. And then getting to try so many different Coke products in the tasting room was really neat. We "traveled" to each continent sampling the different drinks. My favorite was Bibo Pine Nut from South Africa. I was alarmed by the name but was of course going to try all of the flavors and it ended up being pineapple. We walked around the city and enjoyed the sunshine and catching up. All too soon it was time to head to the airport but it was a nice mini vacation while it lasted.

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