Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where Birthday Dreams Come True (Part 1)

Outside of Club 33 in the New Orleans district. We had to ring a secret doorbell and everything.

I was loving their china.

Enjoying a seat on the balcony in bet

Such a special and decadent dessert.

Going to Disneyland for my birthday was probably one of the best ideas I have ever had. I have become a major advocate for Disney birthdays. Simply top notch. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to Club 33 for lunch. If you have heard of Club 33 or have been, it needs no introduction but if you haven't heard of this club, do not be alarmed because before about 2 months ago, I hadn't either. Club 33 is a very exclusive, members only restaurant in Disneyland conceived by Walt himself for dignitaries, business people, and other VIPs. Now obviously you are asking yourself how on earth I managed to get in the door. Answer: my company. We have some type of connection and honestly I did not ask too many questions once my name was on the list to attend. Three girlfriends and I went for my birthday lunch to start the day off right and we have seriously been talking about it ever since. It has now been 3 days so I'm just saying. to give you some perspective, there was lobster tail on the buffet that was just a part of the meal. And the dessert section was just unreal. I had to try everything and it was totally worth the 90 miles I will need to run to burn it all off. One of the waiters even gave me a rose Bachelor/Bachelorette style which was simply hilarious. Plus they gave me that super adorable Mickey Mousse for my birthday dessert. How cute is that?! I think that my favorite of the dessert platter though had to be the mini creme brulee. And I didn't even mention my entree, the most juicy, tasty chicken I may have ever tasted plus an amazing side of truffle mac and cheese.

As you can see, I could barely fit my single meal into one post and have yet to touch on the rest of the day so more to come on that tomorrow. For now, I will dream about the fancy, royal drapes and pretty butter dishes and wish I would have pocketed a creme brulee for the road.

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