Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Yes folks, those are strawberries, strawberries!-in March! And not just only old strawberries but huge, jumbo sized, have to cut into a few pieces strawberries. Our land lord brought these over to us, god bless that man! Talk about love.

Here are some other things I am loving this week:
I am officially moved in to my new place!! If you have to move, rent a two-wheel cart. Amazing.
Rediscovering all of the things I have been doing without for 2 months and putting them in my very own room.
Eating late night pizza with the roommates to fuel up and continue unpacking.
The temps should reach the eighties this weekend, as in 8-0. See above about the current month.

Not so much love for:
Actually unpacking all of the boxes that have been moved into my new place.
Having a box spring fall on my head/shoulder while trying to assemble a bed frame.
Working through my lunch hour, twice.
The fact that a fridge does not come standard with an apartment in Southern California meaning canned-goods and take-out only.

It is now officially my birthday weekend and to celebrate my 24th year, I am going to Disneyland for the first time and I could not be more excited. It has been a crazy hectic week at work with a Friday deadline happening alongside the craziness of moving out of the old place and into the new by Friday as well so a long week it has been! Some friends and I are going to dinner for OC restaurant week and my birthday tonight and then Disney with fireworks and a light show tomorrow night, brunch on Sunday morning and more organizing and unpacking everywhere in between. So maybe I won't catch up on sleep but for a birthday, this is way more fun!

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