Friday, February 15, 2013

Me and my Belongings

My stuff's here! My stuff's here! No more wearing the same items of clothing in creative ways, no more trips to the beach without sandals, no more sleeping without my bear...everything is here! Wahoo!

That was me on Wednesday morning. But alas, my excitement was a bit short lived because everything has to stay in the boxes until the final move next weekend. Well, most everything. You better believe I had the moving man leave my wardrobe boxes within easy reach and my shoe and purse box is right on top and has already been opened. I am allowing myself to get items out as needed but most everything is staying in its temporary cardboard home. I have to say though, the excitement all of my worldly possessions has brought me is probably not healthy since that whole "the best things in life aren't things" theory is supposed to be a good one but listen, sometimes things are nice to have too, okay?

And even my bike is here and he has a bike friend out on the patio. I can't wait to use this long weekend to cruise around on those two wheels and explore, explore, explore! Hooray for the weekend and all of my belongings joining me in California!

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