Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am Feeling the Love

With my recent move, I am still feeling a bit temporary since I have been half living out of a suitcase and then sharing a bedroom for the past 3 weeks. It has been a lot of fun bonding with my roommates in this way but sometimes you just want a little space for yourself. Case in point: a space of my own would have come in handy last night as I ended up crying in bed while reading these amazing notes from my family. My sister tucked a secret box full of fun goodies and girly stuff in with my belonings before they left Ohio. I am telling you what, I have been just plain spoiled lately. This fun "Surprise!" box totally made my whole week. I had already been excited about getting some candy and more Valentine's in a package from my sister and parents the day before so how rad is that?! And to brag some more about how much love has been coming my way lately, my aunt sent me a totally random congratulations on moving gift over the weekend. So on this Valentine's Day, or week rather, I have been reminded of just how special random acts of kindness are and how love really does make the world go round and how having it in your life is one special blessing. So go out there and love people! Be happy and spread the love.


  1. LOVE YOU!!!! Which of our lovely aunts sent you a note?! That's presh!