Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Girl Scout Salute

Shirt: F21, Shoes: Sperry, Watch: The Loft
Every year I always manage to have Girl Scout cookies. I don't even usually have to buy them seeing as how I do not have any young females in my life, most of my cousins have grown up and out of the scouts, and I do not live in a neighborhood so door-to-door salesmanship is out of the question. And yet, somehow, some way, I just found myself eating some thin mints in the lunch room. Having cute little girls sell delicious cookies is just about as genius a marketing scheme as it gets. So thank you, fellow office worker, for caving, I am sure very easily, to some sweet little girl with a brown sash and then for sharing the wealth and allowing me to have a couple of thin mints.


  1. i can't believe i STILL don't have girl scout cookies, i'm going to have to find some this week lol thin mints and samoas are my faves! love the lighting in your pics! :)

    C's Evolution of Style

    1. Just had some Samoas this morning and again, not even my own purchase. Talk about great luck! Hope you were able to track some down as well!