Friday, December 28, 2012

What a Lazy Week Looks Like

I will be heading to a winter wedding tomorrow for a good family friend and I am excited to see her exchange vows. I am also excited to get all dressed up after being in my sweatpants for most of the week (ok fine, ALL week). My family is also going bowling tonight and I don't know why but I am pretty excited about that as well. Maybe because I haven't bowled in approximately 6 years but more likely it's because we will all be hanging out together wearing old multi-colored shoes and throwing balls down an alley. That has good times written all over it! I already had breakfast with my grandpa today and then my sister and I have lunch plans with some local gals so all in all, this will be by far my busiest day of the week. Happy weekend gang!

[Playing Sequence with the fam on Christmas Eve]

[Determined to finish this puzzle]

[Hot Chocolate + Whip Cream + Candy Cane]

[A dainty Christmas present from my sister]

[SNOW!!! It's like the universe knew I was moving to California and
was dying to see the white stuff before I left. Thanks universe.]

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