Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Of Halloween Present

Ta-Da! I'm a viking! When I told my coworkers what I planned to be, I was dubbed Olga the Terrible so we can go with that. I was inspired by this cute post here that I found on Pinterest with a costume made for a little boy and I thought to myself, hey, I can make that! And in a grown up size to boot! So here's how I made my costume.

I stumbled upon a (surprise!) child's costume at the thrift store that I think was supposed to be a lion...? It was furry with arms and legs that I knew I could cut up and make the base for my viking getup. Cost: $3. I took my furry bundle home and got to work. I nipped off the tail and flipped it inside out. Then I cut the legs and arms off, leaving the shoulders intact. Then I flipped it right side out and trimmed the vest along the edges in more of a curved pattern so it looked more rugged and viking-esque. I had the leggings and booties and I bought the long sleeved white shirt at Target for $10. I took the fabric from the arms and legs of the original costume, with the elastic still around the bottom, and used the fur as accents around my boots and wrists. The last piece of the puzzle was the viking helmet which was tougher to track down than expected. I found this one (finally!) at a local costume/party store for the low price of $5. Apparently I have a child size head which works well with the theme of my costume inspiration and the actual costume I chopped up. Go figure. So grand total for this whole on-som aka ensemble was a whopping $8. Boom. Oh, I am not counting the shirt from Target because that I will be wearing again, OK? OK. 

This costume worked great at my Halloween party and I did not see any other vikings out on the town which was nice because I am not a fan of duplicates. It also had a high comfort value, allowed for tons of movement, and full range of motion for all my viking moves (not pictured). Happy Halloween!

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