Monday, October 1, 2012

Manicure Monday

Caffeine is necessary this morning.

It was a busy weekend with a lot of time spent in the car. I drove back to my home town on Friday, then Saturday we drove to go watch my brother play football and then I left late yesterday to get back to my apartment.

On top of that, we celebrated my sister's birthday Friday night by carving pumpkins and sharing a big slice of carrot cake. We made cookies on Sunday morning and brought them to our friends for nourishment at their dad's visitation. We waited in line to hug them and give them support. And then before I left last night, we had to pump up the tires on my car and top off the coolant in my brother's before we headed off in opposite directions.

So! Refueling this morning since I had to hit the ground running after arriving at the office today. Oh Monday, how I did not miss you.

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