Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jack O'Lanterns

You didn't think I was just going to breeze over the fact that I carved pumpkins this weekend did you? Certainly not!

My youngest brother and I were awaiting my sister to get home from work Friday night so we walked down the street to the grocery store to pick out our pumpkins. We didn't think it through though because we had 2 people and 3 pumpkins to bring back. But being the resourceful kids that we are, we borrowed a grocery cart to haul our choice pumpkins home. Naturally.

Austin knew one of the cashiers working so of course we asked and got the OK. These are the joys of small town living.

After we took the rattling cart back to its rightful home, we did a little search for some carving inspiration. I came across the cat idea and Austin decided to tackle the bat signal. Holly went with a freehand approach. All we were missing was our other brother Alex who could not come home because of football. Luckily, we saw him the next day so all was well.

We scooped out the goo, being careful to separate the seeds for later, and got to work on our masterpieces. Once we put a tea light in each and saw them glowing on the porch, it took me right back to being a kid again. And i think our little guys turned out pretty good! I love Halloween and this kicked off the season on the right foot. Plus I was able to take some toasted pumpkin seeds back with me to snack on this week so happy fall to me!

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