Thursday, September 13, 2012

To the Max

Skirt: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Macy's Sweater: PacSun
It started out as a very quiet day today but since it is the deadline to get into the weekly NFL poll, it became much more rambunctious. And here is why.

The office has this weekly poll that lists all the professional football match ups for the week and you go down the list and circle who is going to win and then for the Monday night game, in case of a tie breaker which is needed almost every week, you have to guess the combined point total. Whichever person is closest without going over, (Price is Right style) wins! After I saw that the winner from last week is taking home more than $150 bucks, I was interesetd. So needless to say, people take it very seriously.

I won't lie to you and try to say that I could take even a fair stab at who the winning teams will be so I had to consult with my brothers and any other males in my life for a bit of advice and in the end, I think I have a fair shake to be in the upper percentile at the very least. But really, I just need to look respectable when the rankings are posted on Tuesday morning for all the office to see because I will never be able to live it down in my almost all male department if I am at the bottom. So I ask you, cross your fingers, rub that lucky rabbit's foot, ask the magic eight ball, wish upon a star for me, whatever it takes! to get me up towards the top. I would be much obliged.

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