Monday, September 24, 2012

Manicure Monday

My day started off with me oversleeping and my straightener not turning on. Happy Monday to me.

Since then, I have pretty much been counting down the hours until 5 o'clock so I can head home and take a nap after a whirlwind weekend that did not allow much time for rest. Went to the Reds game on Friday night that went into extra innings, woke up early on Saturday and drove home for the day for my Grandma's birthday, stayed up late talking with my sister in our room, got up early and drove back to Cincinnait, met up with friends downtown for the Oktoberfest, ate, drank and was merry all day and into the night and then was up bright and early for my regular Monday routine. Whew! That was a lot.

My bed has never sounded so good.

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