Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

It has been a pretty solid past 7 days. Here are some things I am loving this week:
Getting a Monday morning text about the thoughtfulness of my wedding gift to my cousin and how much they loved it.
The fact that pumpkin everything is out now, including pumpkin beer which I enjoyed last night.
Scoring free Reds tickets for the game tonight from a client. And possibly seeing my team win the division. And Friday games have fireworks. Just great all around.
Taking the lead on a problem at work and solving it. Boo-yah!

Not so much love for:
Having a cold that won't quit.
Not making it to the grocery therefore not having milk all week therefore resorting to having oatmeal made with water for breakfast. Not preferable.
Finding out that my sister has to work all next weekend and will no longer be able to visit for her birthday. And I even had a new restaurant in mind for us to try so guess that's getting put on hold sister!
The fact that there is rain in the forecast for tonight, threatening the Reds game and my whole evening.

There seems to be loads more good this week than bad which I am always in favor of. We had really yummy cookies at work yesterday, my grandma is celebrating her 85th birthday tomorrow so I got to write her a sweet note about how awesome she is and will be going to help celebrate, it is Oktoberfest downtown this weekend (the biggest one outside of Germany so very fun), annnnd I have a couple friends coming to visit too so we will be catching up over schnitzels and strudel. Can you say stellar weekend? Here's to hoping that it lives up to its full potential!

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