Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

The chaos that is me getting ready. What can I say? I like options! 
 I know, I know. I AM SO BEHIND! But ok, I have a funky new post idea I wanted to try! Instead of the usual "things I am loving/not loving from the week" I bring you....drum roll...a hooray for the weekend playlist in honor of a fun girls night out a couple of friends and I are FINALLY having! Fun right?

And now, by the power of youtube, I bring you my September selections:

1) Rolling Stone-Bob Dylan Random? Yes. It came on first when I got out of the shower. I dig.
2) Faster-Third Eye Blind Tough to choose just one but as a favorite band, had to go with a classic. 
3) Young London-Angels and Airwaves  It is literally about the weekend. Must have. 
4) I Can't Do it Alone-3OH!3 Had it in the college "Friday Night" playlist. 
5) Obladi Oblada-The Beatles One of the best and most underrated Beatles songs. 
6) That's Right-Girl Talk Really, any Girl Talk will do but this manages to include In Your Eyes by P. Gabriel
7) She Wolf- Shakira  If this does not get you dancing, what will?

It's called the Blog Eclectic for a reason people! The eclectic part extends to my musical taste too.
There are plenty more jams that could be added but this should start to get that foot tapping. Hope you find at least one new song that you can add to your getting ready, going out rotation. After all, throw some glitter on it, it's the weekend!

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