Thursday, August 30, 2012

Parking It

Shorts: NY&C, Tank: Old Navy, Shoes: Target

Over the weekend I decided to take my lazy bum to the park and enjoy the nice weather instead of staying cooped up inside all Sunday afternoon. I have been a fan of my nearby park since my dad and I first ate an impromptu lunch under one of the shelter houses while discussing my new job and putting an offer in for my apartment. All these crazy 'big girl' topics I couldn't hardly believe were happening to me seemed a littler more managable in such a pretty setting and one I knew would be close by in the near future.

Now I've become a frequent visitor to that same park, sometimes on walks with friends, sometimes alone, sometimes with a book, but it's always really lovely and always full of activity. I even saw some butterflies this trip which was a real treat. Had I know how hectic this week was going to be, I would have savored my time at the park on Sunday a bit more but hey, it's almost Friday so cheers to that!

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