Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

Mail's here! Mail's here! What does the inside read you ask? Thinking of you like wine at 5 o'clock....which is often!

I love cards!

Possibly the only good thing about friends living far away is getting 'just because' mail! It's such a surprise and always brightens my day so totally loved finding this gem in my mailbox this week.

Here are a few other things I loved from the past 7 days:

Finding out a friend is coming into town for the weekend and thus creating a reason for a mini reunion back on campus. Yes please!

Getting taken out for a fancy shmancy dinner with a client. We went to a steak and seafood place and though usually steak is not top of my list when ordering, it was ah-mazing. Melt in your mouth heaven! Yum!

Trying oysters for the first time (see above: fancy shmancy). I love trying new things and have a fairly serious try-everything-at-least-once policy so I'm glad I did.

Learning about proper wine drinking techniques and fun facts like you know when you swirl the wine to look like you know what you're doing? There is a purpose! It lets the wine breathe more and have more flavor but even cooler, when the wine drips down the side, those drips are called legs and they indicate the amount of alcohol in the wine. So ya, I'm a wine-o now.

Things I did not love:

Wearing heels for 14 hours in a single day and actually feeling my toes stretch themselves out when I finally got home and freed them from their pointed prison.

Driving to 3 different gas stations to try and get the best deal and every single place having gas for $3.95.

Gas prices reaching $3.95. (This needed its own line.)

Getting a paper cut not from a measly sheet of 8.5 x 11 but by a sturdy edge of a folder. Right on the side of my finger. It's amazing how something so small can pack so much ouch!

But aside from all that, it is now Friday and the Friday of a 3-day weekend and those just do not come along often enough so they must be celebrated! I'll be meeting up with some college roommates, going home for a visit that will also include some grandparent love, hanging with my sister and helping her with a DIY project and of course, some shopping. I also put in my request for some homemade caramel corn, a major favorite of mine and as I understand, chocolate chip cookies too. It may signify the last weekend of summer but at least I am going out on a high note. Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

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