Monday, August 20, 2012

Manicure Monday

Base: Sally Hansen Strawberry Creme, Hearts: NYC Lincoln Park Lavender
Here I am having a little tea last night after a nice day relaxing and enjoying being able to have the windows open with a nice breeze coming in to the apartment. I am still working on the series of Friends and I made some headway over the weekend but I was also able to go on a nice walk with a girlfriend. We managed to find a swing set and pretended it was acceptable to be 23 and swinging in the park. And we loved it. It was a pretty perfect Saturday afternoon which went into a fun night as well when we went to a bar we had never been to before---a honky tonk bar. That's apparently haunted. With line dancing. And people in cowboy hats and boots. And a mechanical bull!! But the bull was broken which has now given us a reason to return because we are totally riding that thing! 

And now it is Monday once again. Meetings and emails and phone calls, here we go! Forget about the cotton-eyed joe dance along, ready, break! (Easier said than done). 

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