Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

This is me at work all week. Alllllllll week. I did not love it.

What I did love this week:

Officially finishing the first half of the Friends series. I say "Officially" because I was mostly just making sure I had seen them all. And now I have.

Downloaded a new app for the phone, food network on the road. I have high hopes for this baby. I have a goal to hit as many of the diners drive ins and dives places as I can so here we go!

New fruity delicious smelling soap in the bathroom at work. Seriously have spotted women sniffing their hands, myself included. It makes for great office bonding time.

Scoping out some new mustard pants at Target that would be great as a part of my fall wardrobe.

Finally watching The Blues Brothers. Classic 80's comedy coupled with music that makes me want to track down the nearest blues bar and buy a pair of ray bans.

Things I could have done without:
Looking at screens all day, every day. Computer to my phone to the tv at the gym to my computer again and then my phone again. Can't wait to unplug tonight. And give my eyes a rest!

Breaking one of my dinner plates. Didn't fully get the salt grinder back on the shelf and them bam! Right on the edge, broke the plate into 4 pieces. Really, it's surprising it has taken this long to break one.

Still waiting to read 50 Shades of Grey. A coworker has them but she keeps forgetting to bring them in for me and it's getting awkward to try and subtly remind her every day.

Needing a major ice cream fix and UDF being out of my favorite flavor, coconut almond chocolate chip. Nightmare.

My youngest brother moving in to college this week. Whoa. I am super excited for him but he is making me feel old. And jealous. And nostalgic for my college days (sigh). So tonight I am going out with some fellow alumni and we will pretend that we too are back on campus.  

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