Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It's funny how you grow up thinking you don't like something, always turning it down, somehow convincing yourself that it's just not for you. That's what I did with cantaloupe and how unfair I had been! I thought since the one time I tried the melon circa 1995 that I would forever pick around those annoying chunks getting in the way of the good stuff in my mixed fruit cup. That is until I got brave one day not long ago, gave poor, neglected cantaloupe another try, and have been hooked ever since.  After work yesterday, I diced up this canteloupe and enjoyed a sweet snack. I am not domesticated enough to have something as fancy as a melon baller in my kitchen but I have no qualms about eating my haphazard cubes. They were still delicious.

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  1. That melon looks YUMMY!!! I nominated you for an award go check it out on my blog :)