Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maps and Atlases

Yellow is my favorite color and I generally go with the theory that the more, the better. I DIY-ed this frame (discount frame from a craft store + yellow spray paint) for the big empty wall in my bedroom and tacked up the map as a placeholder until I found something else...but then it grew on me. 
It was the map my dad and I used to research areas to live down here. It's the map I spread it out on my parents floor to learn about my new neighborhood and it even still has my highlighted spots of interest. My dad even taught me how to actually read a map with this baby too. (Yes, technology has ruined me). 

Moral of the story: map was free, it is actually useful (more than once I have referenced this wall) and it has a bit of meaning too, all things I deem necessary when choosing decorative pieces. I love the drama and impact this creates in my bedroom and it is a great piece to wake up to every morning. 

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