Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mini Kiss Pies

Behold, a supremely simple dessert that can be whipped up in no time to impress guests or just cure a chocolate craving. 
Unfold a refrigerated pie crust and evenly space kisses around the edge. 
I went with original milk chocolate but you can use any variety, like mint for the holidays. 
Cut a circle of dough around the kiss, about 2", 
fold the dough up on each side and pinch together at the top. 
 Brush the top of each pie with an egg white wash and sprinkle with sugar. 
Place the sugar coated pies into the oven at 350 degrees
 for 15-20 minutes and wa-la! Golden brown goodness!
 My oven is extra hot so cooking times may vary but when the crust is light brown, they are ready to take out. 
Put these little gems on a platter or your own pretty plate and enjoy! 

1 comment:

  1. Those look YUMMY! You could even maybe put a reese cup in the middle to spice things up.