Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday I'm in Love

How cute is this picutre? No, I am not in London to watch the games BUT I will be parking myself in front of the TV for the next 17 days to root on the US of A. 
This is what I have been looking forward to all week long!

Here are some other things I have been loving this week:

The Olympics start tonight!!!
Having melty mini M&M’s at work. You know, the kind that come in those cute tubes? Forgot how great those are.
An impromptu FaceTime date with a faraway friend in Philly to catch up and plan her visit.
Sending off a birthday package in the mail that I knew my cousin would love. Also a reminder of my love for the postal service.
Hosting a movie night that turned into 3 girls just hanging out and talking for hours until we realized we were old and had to go to bed. Oh, and never actually putting in a movie.
Getting complimented on my heels at work…from a guy. Thanks for noticing!
Discovering a new radio station and hearing Grease is the Word to start my day on said station.
Taking a number at the deli to buy a giant pickle. Anything else mam? Nope, just this Kosher dill for me, thanks.
Heading off to visit my college roommates for the weekend!

Not so much love for:
Having to get my oil changed and being reminded yet again of my complete lack of knowledge on the subject of cars. Shouldn’t there be a mandatory class on this at some point? A Car 101 course or something?
The humidity causing a heat advisory from noon until 8p.m…..8PM! two days in a row. Hello car sauna!
Putting off getting gas another day, another day, another day to then see the price has now jumped 30¢.
Bringing work home with me almost every night and trying to simultaneously balance my dinner on one knee and my computer on the other. Talent people, sheer talent.
What events are you most looking forward to during the London 2012 games? And what athletes are you most excited to follow?

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  1. Swimming, gymnastics, and volleyball are the events for me!! I am in love with Ryan Lochte and all things team USA.