Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Put a Spell on You

As we all should know by now, I love a good oddity and a food oddity makes it all the better. I can remember watching the Travel Channel a few years back when they were visiting a lovely little doughnut shop in Oregon called Voodoo Doughnut. It was quirky, couples can get married there, they put crazy things on doughnuts (i.e. strips of bacon), and basically I vowed to one day see that place in person. Well, that day came when I was in Portland last week and despite having to get up extra early, walking about a mile one way, and then waiting in line for 10 minutes, I am pleased to be able to check this stop off the bucket list. The way I am motivated sometimes is truly impressive. All baked goods cast a spell on me but this was my first time being cast with voodoo and let me just tell ya, I did not hate it.

And yes, the maple bacon doughnut WAS amazing, thanks for asking.

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