Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sleep On It

Skirt and top: Gap, Belt and Purse: Thrifted
I just really love it when an outfit comes together in real life as good as I imagine it will be while lying in bed, thinking about what to don tomorrow. Yes, tis true, this is mostly how I figure out what I will be wearing the following day. Why lay out an outfit when I can just sleep on it and not commit until the morning? My thoughts exactly.

I have honestly only worn this skirt a few times but have always loved the bright color and its ability to be dressed up or worn casual for an adventurous day exploring the city. I am happy I remembered it because it worked so well with the navy and then the pop of teal against the orange-y coral: magnifico!


  1. Great outfit! I've been crushing on polkadots for months now. Are you in Hawaii too?? I feel like I've seen that Banyan tree before!

    1. Thanks, I love the dots too! I am in Southern California, this picture in particular was taken in Beverly Hills but Hawaii is on my list so hopefully one day I will get there!