Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday, You Beautiful Day You!

{Sometimes I wear hats}

{She is expressing how I feel after this long week}

{The massive, most amazing free sample I have ever brought home...a 6.6 lb pail of Nutella. Recipes coming soon I am sure}

{This awesome new tee from PacSun with faux leather sleeves}

{My sweet roommate brought me back this cute peace sign ring holder after her trip home to Texas. Just because gifts are the sweetest}
I have had quite the hectic work week but since it is now officially summer, I am going to not put on my PJ's and slippers at 6 o'clock like I want to but instead, go celebrate the longest day of the year by getting a couple drinks by the beach with some girlfriends. Cheers to the weekend!


  1. That ring holder!!!

    Thats a bit of Nutella. I just keep thinking, what on earth is she gonna do with all that? Hhaha. :)

    Hope your weekend has been amazing so far.

    Upward Not Inward

    1. I know, doesn't my roommate have great taste? And yes, the Nutella! So far, I have just been spreading it on my waffles so I am good with that for now. Hope you had a great weekend!