Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pleated With Pockets

Shirt: F21, Skirt: Gap
What can I say? I love a good pocket in a skirt. I also apparently decided to dress like it was winter today which is completely inaccurate but I wanted to wear tights so just let me be.

I am finding more and more uses for this top and the fact that it came from the sale rack makes me even happier when I put it on. I almost packed it straight into my suitcase for this weekend (without washing it, whoops) but decided on a different striped shirt to save my relatives from the worn-all-day smelly-ness. Considerate of me eh? 

Speaking of packing, I am all set to take flight to the eastern time zone tomorrow. Just needed some good tunes like Mr. Tambourine Man and Forever Young to keep me focused. Hooray for travel, for seeing my family, for a mini vacation, and for the happy occasion of a wedding that is making this all happen.

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