Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Motion for a Beach Day

I am in a "wish I was at the beach" state of mind today. It may be because this week has seemed to drag on forever or because some friends and I are planning to explore a new beach this weekend or, the far more likely reason, is the fact that I was at the office until a little after 8 last night (yes, 8 PM) and that long of a day makes one feel that one has worked 2 whole work days which would make today Friday but alas, the calendar reads Thursday. We have to wait another whole day for that little date to switch to Friday. Isn't that just the worst? So hopefully your week has not been as long as mine but if it has, take comfort in the fact that it is almost Friday and in the meantime, daydream of the beach with me for just a few minutes.

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