Thursday, April 4, 2013

Friends Who Move Together, Stay Together

This is my roommate from college. All four years of college and randomly thrown together freshman year at that. Her name is Danielle. Danielle is from Ohio, just like me. I could have posted 500 pictures of the two of us together because of all the fun memories we have had together. I moved very far away, all the way to the west coast. Danielle has always wanted to live on the west coast. Danielle gets an interview for a position here. She does not think she will get the job. I hope that she does but don't get my hopes up. Danielle gets the job and calls to tell me and we jump for joy on opposite ends of the phone line because we will be reunited and live in the same place and that place is California which never, in any of our talks ever even discussed and it is now a reality. I picked her up from the airport today and everything. Her and two giant suitcases. I would expect nothing less. This is Danielle and she has brought a bit of Ohio here to me and I can't wait for the Southern California chapter of our story to unfold. 

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