Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Thoughts

See that pretty skyline above? That is a slice of Boston and was taken on a walk across the Charles River with my best friend since the 3rd grade, now a resident of this fine city. I have another friend, one I met in college, who has always called this place home. It was because of these girls that I visited Boston for the first time last year. I had a marvelous time seeing the sights, catching up, and seeing their new lives. I even went on a tour that took us across the finish line of the Boston marathon.

The sad news yesterday about the bombs that went off near that very finish line had me instantly reaching for my phone to make sure they were both alright which thankfully, they were, though only blocks away from the scene. Growing up in a small town, things on the news happening in other parts of the country had no bearing. Everyone I knew was within driving distance. Everyone I knew was fine. Everyone was safe. Now that I am older, I have friendships that span across the nation and I didn't instantly know if everyone I knew was safe and that was a terrible feeling. We are all connected and we all feel the sadness of yesterday's events and it is an unfortunate reminder to slow down and appreciate what really matters in life and be thankful for all that we have. I hope that the sun returns to light up the Boston skyline soon.

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