Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Alcatraz Island: A Cell with a View

Alcatraz Island in Gloom

We have arrived on the Island!

Focus on the pretty elbow, not my awkward chicken wing

Such a tiny space to live in 24 hours a day

Well-behaved prisoners were allowed to paint, play music, and even crochet.

The Yard

Yes, that's the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

In D-Block, where the prisoners were kept in the dark all day.

View of the city in one of the halways

Isn't San Francisco pretty?

The security office

Three floors of cells

A group of us took the audio tour at Alcatraz Island and it was excellent. I love all things history and this was a great tour because you went at your own pace, they don't treat it like a museum so you could touch the bars and explore the whole island, you get to take a boat over, and it was just plain interesting. I couldn't imagine being locked up and getting to see civilization just a mile away. We learned that if the wind was blowing just right on New Year's Eve, the prisoners could here music and laughter coming from the parties on shores of San Francisco. We spent most of our Saturday afternoon here and I was so glad everyone wanted to go and see such beautiful views of the city.

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