Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Funfetti Dip

I feel like this needs a disclaimer for all cake-batter enthusiasts out there so, if like me, you have an addiction to all things labeled "cake", you have been warned! Sidebar: did you know there is also a new Pop-Tart flavor out there by the name of Confetti Cupcake. It literally took all my will power to walk away from them while at the store last week.

But seriously, it is like eating the batter right out of the bowl, just minus the risk salmonella and it is highly addictive. Enjoy! 

Ingredients needed:
A large container of plain or vanilla yogurt
One box funfetti cake mix (pretty sure any kind of cake mix will do but I like the colors in this)
Cool Whip, thawed
Optional add-in of colorful spinkles

I am not big on measuring for these sort of things so basically I used the entire cake mix, about half the container of yogurt, half a container of cool whip and mixed it all together. The cool whip expands and makes the dip more fluffy and if you want it to be a little smoother, add more yogurt. It's no-fuss crowd pleaser that took about five minutes to complete. Boom.

Ideas to dip with, but not limited to:
Graham crackers
Animal crackers
Vanilla wafers
Teddy Grahams
A spoon
Your finger

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