Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

Isn't this just a lovely saying? Sometimes those fortune cookies are just spot on, like this one, that is just so aligned with my current place in life. Also, I did not even have Chinese this week but somehow managed to have a fortune cookie. Extra lucky fortune right?

Here are some things I have been loving this week in my new state of residence:
Walking in Laguna, looking at jewelry at some vendors and not only getting complimented on my necklace, but when I told the woman I made it myself, she wanted me to make some for her shop. Love.
Discovering one of my new roommates has the whole series of Will and Grace. So yea, that's how I have been spending my evenings.
There is a World Market, like, 10 minutes away. Enough said.
Seeing the most detailed Christmas lights display at a media network along the January. Because, you know, that's normal.
Eating lunch outside. In January. This too, is normal.
Carpooling to work. I just feel better about doing my part to save the planet.

Not so much love for:
The shower being clogged on the very first day.
Forgetting my banana that I brought for breakfast in the car and my stomach growling extra loud in a meeting.
Getting up at 5am to take my friend to the airport and the dumb Keurig not working when I was in desperate need of caffeine.
The time difference between here and back home screwing up my lines of communication.
No cable at the apartment which means I am even more behind on my shows. (Potentially a good thing? It remains to be seen)

It has been a pretty great first week and I am looking forward to what is looking to be a b-e-a-u-tiful weekend here with a trip to Hollywood on the agenda tonight and then tomorrow scoping out the local library and then spending the day outside at the beach with the books we find. Sounds about perfect to me! Happy weekend all!

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