Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday I'm in Love

This has been a week of goodbyes. Instead of focusing on the sad, I want to focus on the positive. Here are some of the things I have been loving this week:
Having my roommates from college visit me in the middle of the week for a sleepover. And singing Disney songs from our childhood before falling alseep. 
Getting taken out to lunch everyday in honor of my last week in Cincinnati. 
Hugs from all my favorite people in the office.
Being surprised with two super sweet cards for my last day today.
My nostalgia for the state of Ohio. See picture above, a homemade gift from one of my Wednesday visitors.

Things I was not loving this week:
Having to say good bye to EVERYONE. Literally.
Packing up my desk into a box and carrying it across the empty parking lot to my car.
Trying to clean out my fridge and freezer so I can unplug it this weekend aka eating random meals for dinner like frozen broccoli and fudge pops.
Cleaning anything and everything in my apartment. And emptying the vaccumm and trash on multiple occasions.

I knew this day was coming. My last day at work and my last day with all my friends from the office, my last weekend in Ohio, my last night in my apartment...the list goes on for all my "final" things in Cincinnati. I already had to say good bye to my family last weekend which was hard enough but then today, saying good bye to my work family was another tough event. Tomorrow promises to be a day full of packing and squishing as many articles of clothing into my suitcase as is humanly possible. Hopefully this will be a good enough distraction from the sadness surronding this weekend. I won't count on it but really, I am beyond thrilled to be starting off on this new adventure and will look towards that excitement as I get ready to move out west.


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