Thursday, December 13, 2012

History Buff

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I can't get over how much fun my sister and I had when we went to the Cincinnati Museum Center! We learned all about the history of Cincinnati in the form of a teeny tiny miniature model of how the city looked in the 1900's, all the way down to old billboards. Awesome! We were able to get on an old streetcar and even a model steamboat, the reason why Cincinnati was so important in trade and the reason Cincinnati is known as the Queen City.

There was also this cute litte "town" with storefronts like the one with that neat padlock on it and a man in a printing press shop dressed up in old-timey costume giving us cool prints to take with us. They still really use the printing presses as a business making wedding invitations, save the dates, party invites and more so double awesome. We also went to am IMAX show where we saw The Last Reef on a screen that wrapped almost around the enitre room in a dome shape so it felt like we were really underwater looking at the coral reefs. We also wanted to immediately donate to a foundation to save those beautiful things after we learned how much danger they are in from us humans.

Oh and how could I forget the killer cavern tour we went on? It really felt like we were in some part of a mountain and the path even included some water dripping in like it was coming from the outside and we had to stand sideways at parts because it became really narrow. I was totally loving it and feeling like a kid on a field trip since I was playing hookie from work that day. There were tons of other super cool, super fun, super educational things but since its close to the holidays, they had this major toy train display which was so festive and cool so we also enjoyed that. 

Bottom line: if you are in the Cincinnati area, you have a day to spare and want a cool place to check out, I would highly recommend a stop here.   

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