Tuesday, December 18, 2012

California Dreamin'

That's right, this small town gal is heading for the west coast! A month ago I would never have imagined or even dreamt that this would even be a possibility and then BAM! I am booking a one-way ticket to the Orange County Airport.

I was offered two new positions within my company, one in Cincinnati and another opportunity at our headquarters in Southern California. Both were amazing positions and it took me a lot of time to decide which would be the better route for my future. It's hard to try and imagine where my life will be in a few years but with the chance to move to a warm, sunshiny place like CA, working among the executives and leaders of our company, I could not say no. I start on January14th so now it's on to finding a place to live, organizing a million things before the move and packing, packing, packing. My life seems to be taking me on a brand new adventure and I cannot wait to see how this unfolds!

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