Friday, November 9, 2012

High Five for Friday

[Flowery sunglasses were needed this week]

[My vintage wodden owl that stands watch over my bedroom]

[Today's casual Friday outfit involved a favorite vest for layering]

[Not one but TWO cards I received in the mail this, the one on the left from a friend, the one on the right from my lovely sister]

[One thing I do every four years]
 Hooray for the weekend! It has been a bit of a hectic week so seeing Friday on my calendar has been a welcome sight.

One of my good friends is coming in to visit and go wedding dress shopping for her bride-to-be sister and luckily enough, she will be in my zipcode. I know they have a packed schedule so hopefully we will be able to grab lunch or at least a coffee to catch up.

Also on this weekend's agenda, I will be attending my first ever comedy show tomorrow night so that should be an adventure in itself. Not to mention the full on day of pampering I have plannned beforehand aka a manicure, some shopping at the outlets (Gap  AND Banana are having a sale, I mean, I have to go) and a chocolate malt. I have been thinking about that malt all week so it is happening.

It all starts tonight with pizza, a movie and some wine so let the weekend begin!

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